Personal Website

This website is built using NextJS and TailwindCSS. I had a few requirements for my personal website:

  • it had to allow for my writing (when I get around to it)
  • it had to showcase any projects that I've been working on
  • it should be well optimized and bloat free

This set of requirments lends itself well to static site generators, like Hugo or Zola, and I did have an iteration of this website that was built with one of these tools. However, I had an itch to scratch and shiny new tech to try out, so I rewrote it.

Over time, I'd like to expand this website and share more with the world. But, for now, I'm happy with it!

Related Writing

July 14, 2021

Website Rewrite

As an engineer, nothing is more distracting than new and shiny tech. That's one of the reasons I decided to rewrite my website using NextJS and TailwindCSS. In this post, I cover what motivated me to rewrite this website and some of features I built during the process.